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Last Changed: 29th October 2019

Legal Restrictions

You are bound by both these conditions and your companies internal policies (if relevant and where it does not conflict with these conditions).

You are not to use this service, or any part of this service, unless you are authorised to do so.

Ellingham Innovations Ltd (we) have the right to disable account access in the event that we:

  1. Suspect unauthorised access
  2. Suspect usage that can cause harm, either to Ellingham Innovations or your companies services/products.
  3. Suspect any breach of any other legal agreements in place
  4. Usage of the system has become too high and not considered fair.


We log all attempted logins (including successful logins).

Account deletion is subject to conditions laid out in the General Service Agreement.

We may send security notices via SMS and Email at any time when considered reasonably important. This includes on account login. We may also directly communicate with you via SMS, Email or Phone if considered reasonably important under the grounds of security.

All data is stored in a secured database.

The following details are recorded on every page visit:

IP Address:
User Agent: CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
User ID: X When you are logged in, your User ID identifies you and your account
Other: The page you are visiting and the timestamp of request
We also monitor site interactions (e.g. when you update your account, when you change service settings or use service features). We record the following information:

IP Address:
User Agent: CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
User ID: X When you are logged in, your User ID identifies you and your account
Other: The functionality used and the timestamp of the interaction

Ellingham Innovations Ltd has access to this data to check that our systems are being used correctly. An automated process also accesses this data to spot any suspicious patterns.

You can see your own activity data in the "My Activity" page. If you are a sub-user, the parent user can also access your activity details.

By using this service, you agree that we collect this data and may hold it forever. This is to protect the security of the Service Centre. However, once your account is deactivated, the data is anonymised (so personally identifiable aspects are removed).

After 28 days, the IP Address is "hashed". This prevents us from knowing what the IP Address is, while still being able to group data that has the same IP Address. This removes the personally identifiable aspect from the IP Address.


You must keep your password a secret. Ellingham Innovations Ltd will never asked for your password.

Your browser must be up to date. Your local security must be up to date and sufficient for safe access.

You must not use this service if there are any TLS/SSL warning notifications provided by your computer or browser.

You are responsible for any unauthorised access unless that access is obtained by means of direct unauthorised access to services operated by Ellingham Innovations Ltd by means of hacking, extorsion or other forms of access that are maintained directly by Ellingham Innovations Ltd where the client (and/or you) have no responsibility.

In the event that we believe your account has been accessed by an unauthorised party, your account will be disabled and an investigation will be carried out.

If we believe any activity is suspicious or goes against the service agreement(s) we reserve the right to suspend your account (and any sub-accounts or related accounts) so an investigation can be carried out.

In the unlikely event that we suspend or disable your account, we will attempt to inform you by email and telephone.

Any unauthorised access must be reported to Ellingham Innovations Ltd as soon as reasonably possible to prevent unauthorised activity that could affect your service(s).


Any conditions on this page may be superseded by any condition in the General Service Agreement or any other signed agreement.

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